Rains 1

by Roman Rhodes and the Born Again Pagans

Released 2017
Multifolkal Music
Released 2017
Multifolkal Music
Singer Songwriter World-Folk: North Americana combining a unique blend of Asian, African and Western instruments and melodies with powerful 60s folk-rock, lyric based songs, best summed up as Alternative World Roots.
  • 04:42 Story Lyrics Water This Horse


              Intro: Water this horse, this lonely horse.

    It's a long, long lonely road,

    and the stops get harder to find.

    And every woman in the world

    seems to be a student or a friend of mine.

    I got no place to lay my head down;

    I need some loving rest

    But who shores up the shore

    when the waves do break and crest?


    Water this horse, this lonely horse. 


    Oh tree of life oh tree oh love,

    let me tether to you again

    To get the strength for this journey

    Across this desert plain.

    Oh Nature's teat, don't retreat,

    don't make me beg, borrow, pay, or explain;

    Water this horse back to health complete,

    and I'll be on my way again.




    I've listened to everyone's story,

    I've carried all their pain

    But this old pack horse is thirsty

    and needs to be watered again.

    She said, “Ain't that what shores are for? 

    To build our boats and be left?”

    And wooden horses don't return,

    They are gifts that break the best.


    Repeat Chorus.

    Outro:   If I don’t get water soon,

                I will die of course.



  • 04:12 Story Lyrics Here


    © Roman Rhodes, 2015


    You worry about such small things. For you the world’s unclear.

    But let go of all you hang ups.  I’ll be here.

    The bubble burst so recently, you still haven’t changed the gears.

    All I’m saying to you is:  I’ll be here.


    Chorus 1:    Well there’s so much pain in this world!  Makes me want to disappear.

                       But all the rain in this world, can never match tears!


    The greed heads have their sickles.  They’re reaping in by fear.                       

    All I’m saying to you is I’ll be here.

    The psychos run the world, to them no cost too dear,

    All I’m saying to you is I’ll be here.


    Chorus 2:  And though our hearts once shone, like a billion brilliant suns,

                Even the heavens cloud over, and make me doubt you are the one.


    Well there’re bombers at the airport, there’s warships at the pier.

    Be it today, a month, a decade, I’ll be here.

    The future’s looking bleak.  The future’s almost here.

    All I’m saying to you is I’ll be here.


    Chorus 3 - End:

    Well there’s so much pain in this world!  Makes me want to disappear.

    And all the rain in this world can never match the tears.                                   

    And though our hearts once shone, like a billion brilliant suns,

    Even the heavens cloud over, and make me doubt you are the one.

    But I won’t run from you girl, though you’ve left me on my own.

    Like you heart is made of stone, and though I so desire to roam,

    I won’t leave you, I’ll be here.    I’ll be here.

  • 04:40 Story Lyrics Two Kinds of Dew

    Two Kinds of Dew

    © Roman Rhodes 1996, new music 2016


    1. Well I've been walking in the rain

         just to ease the grinding pain,           

                Head and bones soaked right through

                with two kinds --both mist & grain-- of that foggy mountain dew

     2. I got this tearin' in my soul

                heart and mind conflictin' goals

                So lost I don't know what do,

                So I take a sip of, take a stroll in that foggy mountain dew.


    Chorus:  Times I feel so lost,

                            let the troubles of the world weigh down on me

                            I take a walk into the rain

                            let the waters of life wash me free.

                                        How you going to ease the pain,

                                        without drowning in the grain?

                                        Never let them tell you again,

                                        there ain't no magic in the world.


    3.   I'm feeling like a ragged sponge

                just get full and then I'm wrung (dry)

                I got to start my life anew

                instead I pledge both lips and lungs to that foggy mountain dew.

    4.   And if I can't fulfill my will,

                I think I'll build myself a still

                over on younder hill called blue,

                and drink & dance away the chills with two kinds of that :foggy mountain dew:


    July 2nd 1996, St. Lazare.


  • 05:08 Story Lyrics Ain't No Peace

    Ain’t No Peace In All This Pain

    © Roman Rhodes, 2014


    There ain’t no peace in all this pain.

    Ain’t no dry eyes in this hard falling rain.

    Ain’t no happiness when you take again and again.

    Ain’t no healing less we change.


    The bombs keep falling from hell to Homs.

    The world keeps rolling on as if nothing is wrong.

    We gawk on the web and sing our empty songs.

    But you can’t feel at peace in all this pain.



                Come on rains and wash it all away.

                Don’t know if I can take another day.

                Really want to run and hide away,

                But that don’t solve a thing, so I’ll stay

                And help make this world green again.


    The plastic is piled in mountains and in seas;

    Choking the rivers and bringing disease.

    Yet we keep on consuming and producing as we please.

    But there ain’t no plenty in all this pain.


    Millions go hungry, though food is in excess.

    The corporations expand, compounding this whole mess.

    They pat their patented backs, amazed at their success.

    But there ain’t no profit in all this pain.



    Ain’t no pride in all this shame.

    Ain’t no true happiness with so many in pain.

    Ain’t no drying out in this hard falling rain.

    Ain’t no peace in all this pain.


    The pharmas push drugs while pointing fingers at weed.

    Push poisons on the poot, when laws curb their greed.

    Sicken all the people with fake goods and false needs.

    Ah, there ain’t no magic pill in all this pain.


    Repeat Chorus, end bridge+

    Hope to wash clean in this hard falling rain.





  • 07:15 Story Lyrics Rainy Day Meltdown


    © Roman Rhodes, 2014, End with Mark Williams © 2016


    Rainy day meltdown: This kind of toil is making our world spoil.

    Rainy day meltdown: This kind of oil is making our world boil.

    Though we need both work and fuel we shouldn’t as a rule crap on our hearth

    Though it seems like a boon, its bringing us our ruin and a curse.

      Warming the whole earth, shortening the verse of our lives.

      We’ve planted the death seed, in this blue beauty that we need to survive!

      Why won’t you listen to common sense? Back up by the latest science.

      The death you create includes your own,

      How can you destroy your only home, are you so dense?

      All your wealth and power can disappear within an hour

      Once the end does commence, still you light the fuse

      That will turn all our beauty in blues.


    Rainy day meltdown: this kind of radiation, don’t make you smile.

    Rainy day meltdown: this kind of rad will be here for a while.

    If you’re standing on a mountain top, or doing a belly flop in the sun,

    You’re getting plenty of rad, but the kind that is warm and fun.

     This kind of rad makes you sick deep in the bone.

     This kind of rad will make you leave your home.

     The alternatives you reject For the mega projects that make you king.

     Is it just that you are blind, or do you truly not mind destroying everything?

     We could make this world so nice, for everyone a paradise, but this you refuse,                                                      

     For your psychopathic greed, you’ll make the whole world bleed and bruise.

     But you take more than you need,

     And your greed is turning all this beauty into blues.



    But you're like the rain,

    and you're sure to fall.

    And that's when we will rise

    and turn all your blues into blue skies.

     into blue skies.(2x)

  • 06:21 Story Lyrics A War That Can't Be Won

    A War That Can’t Be Won

    © Roman Rhodes, 2015


    Walks a man, his guitar slung,

    across his shoulder, like a gun.

    His songs like useless weapons, unsung,

    for he fights a war, that can’t be won.


    His words are bullets no one hears.

    They do no harm, so no one fears.

    But listen & they can pierce like rays of the sun,

    in this war that can’t be won.


    His amp is heavy like a bomb.

    It explodes with truth, rights the wrong.

    Yet no one hears and he is shunned

    in this war that can’t be won.


    Chorus: But don’t give up until the very last song is sung.

    Everyone is fighting the same war so don’t you run!

    For you might be the hero, heroine, oh, the special one,

    Who pushes away the clouds and brings out the sun.

    Whose actions make the change that stop this dirty rain and win

    This war, this war they said can’t be won.


    And in his pack he carries many a verse

    about the world and how its getting worse.

    Sometime his conscience feels like a curse.

    But that’s the price you pay

    for loving this earth.



    Now all the poster boys

    have fast and dangerous toys and think they’ve won

    By putting others down,

    and spreading money around to repressive scum.

    But now the very source of life

    now is in danger and on the run.

    But if no one’s left alive,

    their ain’t no winning side, in this war,

    Oh, a war that can’t be won.


    So won’t you listen and sing along?

    Together we may just right some wrongs.

    Fight for all those who never enjoy the sun.

    Let’s fight this war, though we know it can’t be won.


    Repeat  Chorus (2)     

    But don’t give up until the very last song is sung.

    Everyone is fighting the same war so don’t run!

    Together we can win, so join hands in bands again everyone.

    Sings the songs that make us strong and right the wrongs, without guns       

    Our actions make the change that stop this dirty driving rain and win

    We can win this war they said can’t be won. (3x)


  • 02:53 Story Lyrics Tullamore Dew

    Tullamore Dew

    © Roman Rhodes, 1994


    1. Blossoms on the apple trees,

                I tried to only think of these,

                but my mind got caught in a summer breeze

                blowin' over seas to you.


    2. Trilliums in bloom in the vernal woods;

                didn't help, didn't do me no good:

                I closed my eyes and there you stood,

                large as life in front of me.


    (Chorus 1):            Tullamore, Tullamore, Tullamore Dew,

                                        drowning in a glass of thoughts of you;

                                        so rare, so precious, so truly few

                                        such magic, comfort and ease.


    3. My love falls like the maple keys;

                I can't help my hearts pluralities;

                most never turn into trees;

                I should have known you would.


    (Chorus 2):            Genever, Genever, Genever sighs,

                                        trying to live in a world of lies,

                                        hiding our love deep inside

                                        so as not to hurt her.


    4. My crops are planted in the field.

                I expect another bumper yield

                of emotions I just can't wield

                with or without you.


    (Chorus 3):            Apfelkorn, Apfelkorn, Apfelkorn tears,

                                        washing up my deepest fears:

                                        a ship in a bottle built of years

                                        smashing on the rocks of you.


    (Repeat Chorus 1)

     May 25th, 1994, St. Lazare




  • 05:31 Story Lyrics History


    © Roman Rhodes, 2015


    We all gotta study history

    if we want to reach the deep agree.

    Only then can we really see

    that we are all the same everyone.


    Every race has practiced slavery.

    Every culture has caused misery.

    Every nation is guilty

    of everything under the sun.


    As long as you don’t see this truth,

    you’ll carry on the cycle of abuse

    Because you think that there is some use

    in revenge for what’s been done.


    Bridge:                        Oh!---I feel your pain. 

                            Enough to drive you insane.

                            But if you chase your tears and fears and the rain

                            You’re going to hit the ground again and again.


    Chorus:   Sometimes you gotta fight, to put things right

                   But use your brain if you want to survive!

                   If we don’t get along, things will go so wrong

                   There will be no one left alive.

                   With the nuclear bombs it will be our last song

                   The end of history and you and me and all that’s good and light---!


    Now many of the crimes seem unforgivable

    But it we don’t forgive, this life’s not livable.

    And the cycle of vengeance makes all miserable.

    There’s only one door out is to forgive and be done.


    There’s only one true enemy,

    The few who run the wars for greed.

    They exist every single country.

    They want to own or destroy everything under the sun.            Repeat Bridge


    The great masses are not so bad

    But stupidly they can be had

    And led to fight each other for the cads

    Who despise all life and every one.


    So refuse to be a soldier man

    Refuse to fight for the psychopaths

    Join all together and lets us last

    To see the sun rise again on everyone.                                     Repeat Chorus


  • 05:42 Story Lyrics The Sweet Waters

    The Sweet Waters

    © Roman Rhodes, 2012


    There’s this place I’d like to take you, all your parents, sons & daughters.

    It’s a magic place that will heal you, the source of the sweet waters.            


    When I think of all the shivering, sorrowful and suffering,

    The homeless, the hungry, the beggars and the squatters,

    My heart grows heavy and I wish to offer

    The nourishment and shelter of these sweet waters.


      The sick, the pain wracked and dying; the lost and crazy, twisted plotters,

      If I could, you know I would heal you with these sweet waters.

      And especially for all the torn, the terrorized and tortured

      Facing each day rape, pillage and slaughter;

      The beaten and the bullied, sullen, sullied and scarred,

      I wish I could save you all with the sweet waters.



    Surely in this day and age we can make

    A civilization that gives more than it takes

    Where every one can swim in and drink from the lake

    And heal in these sweet waters.

    Bethe in these sweet waters 2x


    Each time you share, and give to the needy,

    You expand your heart and give your spirit quarters.

    Then you won’t need so much wealth, servants nor porters,

    For in your soul you’ll carry your own sweet waters.


      Listen you greedy, super rich, you psychotic rotters,

      The more you hoard the less you drink of the magic sweet, waters.

      But how can I show you if you ignore ‘em, even while this world totters?

      It’s all around you, yet you don’t reach for ‘em, the sweet waters.


    Chorus 2

    We got the knowledge now to make it all work!

    So why do we let this world be run by all the jerks!

    No need for poverty, hunger or thirst!

    When all can drink of these sweet waters.



    Yes If I could you know I would heal you all in these sweet waters.

    In truth I can, and so can …you don’t have to be a martyr!

    Each time you share and care             you give of the sweet waters!

    And you know you gotta, for

    You and me, we are the source of the sweet waters.


Rains Themes
From Dylan’s A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall, or CCR’S Who’ll Stop the Rain?, rain has had a political connotation in western folk and rock music. But like the title of the backdrop to the cover, Zhang Yucai’s masterpiece Beneficent Rain, rains are also giving and healing. Think of the Loving Spoonful’s Rain on Roof or Prince’s Purple Rain. Rain gives life, fills our rivers and lakes, and waters our gardens. Rains are both the sweet life giving waters and the destructive flood-makers. This album pays tribute to both these roles, taking up old political themes, trying to waken the revolutionary spirit of the 60s by clearly labeling the disruptive forces in our society: the arms dealers, power brokers, and ultra rich, as the demonic dragons of destruction, while simultaneously referring to the power of our own hearts to heal and grow with The Sweet Waters of love. And of course there are the themes of rain and heartbreak: The Eurythmics’ call for love, Here Comes the Rain Again, or rainless and lack of love: The Dire Straits, Water of Love, are natural themes that cannot be ignored. All these themes emerge naturally in the songs of Rains 1.

The Band
The Born Again Pagans are a loose group of musicians from all over the world, who live, work and play weekly in bars and halls of the Kansai Area of Japan.
The musicians on the album are:
Roman Rhodes: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Banjo: is the singer songwriter for the band. From Quebec, Canada-Kyoto Japan
Frank Daulton: Bass: From St.Louis -Shiga, Japan & New Zealand
Tim Wiltshire: Electric Guitars, Slide Guitar Banjo. West Virginia- Yonago, Japan
Larry Ransome: Jembe, Percussion. New York NY-Kyoto, Japan.
Takahashi Koba: Erhu: Osaka, Japan
Christopher Fryman: Trumpet: England-Canada-Borneo- Kyoto Japan
John Hulaton: Trumpet: Hawaii - Nara Japan
Chika Togashi: backing vocals: Akita, Japan
Mark Williams : Bass on track 5 London, Osaka Japan

The Live BAND
include Moray Crawford, Edinburgh, Scotland - Osaka Japan
Kim Kanel: Harmonica, vocals, LA - Osaka Japan
Ted Ostis: Electric Guitar: Boston- Osaka Japan
Frank Daulton and Roman Rhodes


See Roman and the Pagans also at:

YouTube -- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpjbcUCW9YZT-NDVz6T4d_Q Facebook -- https://www.facebook.com/BornAgainPagans?ref=profile CD Baby -- http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/romanrhodesandthebornaga