The Emergent Sea

by Roman Rhodes and the Born Again Pagans

Released 2009
Multifolkal Inc.
Released 2009
Multifolkal Inc.
Rich, real vocals, instruments, and arrangements, that carry you away and bring you back energized and inspired, like body surfing your soul in cool waves on a hot day; lyrics full of intent and vision "A feast for the ears, mind and spirit," (I.M.E)
  • 04:54 Story Lyrics The Emergent Sea

    The Emergent Sea: Lyrics

    I was standing by the Totoro trees 
    when along came a breeze that said 
    "Come on Will, let's go over the hill 
    and down to the inland sea. 

    I'd been dreaming of getting away 
    to the island where the pixies play. 
    When the wind asked in sorrow 
    why wait for tomorrow 
    When you can be happy today?

    As there was salt on the wind 
    and my finances were dim, 
    I walked on over that old salt road. 
    Left my kin, followed a whim, 
    hoping it knew where to go.

    And if you could fly on your whimsical mind
    And leave all your troubles behind, 
    Would you still change the world or escape to find 
    Everywhere's the same if you don't take the time 
    To know yourself deep inside, 
    to meet the goddess hidden inside. 

    Now the first Englishman in Japan,
    Came with a compass in hand. 
    And he pointed the way to a better day 
    Said: kick the Jesuits out of your land.

    Must be an ancestor of mine, 
    For we share the same name and mind 
    And we respect the other and great hidden mother 
    Who makes all living things shine.

    But I only made it to the river, 
    where a girl with a bow and quiver 
    Shot down inside of me, made me shudder then shiver. 
    Built a house and lost myself, 
    and now my soul's upon a shelf 
    Wondering if I'll ever get beyond this land of never 
    Grow this acorn to a tree, 
    build a boat inside of me and cross the emergent sea.

    Now I'm a musical man, 
    But I've yet to form my band, 
    For I can't find my way, 
    nor know where to play 
    Without that compass in hand.

    So I'm waiting by the Totoro trees, 
    Searching for my deity. 
    Preying for detection 
    so she'll give me directions 
    Down to the inland sea, cross this emergent sea!

  • 03:46 Story Lyrics Odysseus


    1. The greatest hero in Western lines, 
    when in paradise he cried, 
    a goddess right by his side, 
    the promise of eternal life. 
    Yet, for ten years he did pine 
    to leave the isle of the divine Calypso.

    2. Star Vega laments she let him go, 
    but does she understand, does she know 
    the pull of heart strings 
    and the pain it brings 
    is as great a thing for the wandering soul?


    3. Sorrowful as the nightingale she sings, 
    having offered him everything. 
    But do you know the suffocation of 
    a prisoner of love?

    4. Lost in the outer ring of ocean, 
    caught on some lonely inner isle of emotion-- 
    do you understand the notion of 
    animus and anima, animal and animate, 
    of the journey that we must all make 
    to our inner unconscious state of mind?

  • 03:35 Story Lyrics Poseidon

    Poseidon: Lyrics

    1. I pace the sand near our driftwood home, 
    but there's no sign of you on this beach that I comb. 
    The sea gave to me this shelter to turn to, 
    by my house is empty without the love of you.

    2. Since ancient times we've cut the cedar and the pines 
    and tried to tame the waves, 
    but she laughed at the myths of the past 
    and bragged about being brave.

    3.Branches snap and the waves they thunder 
    as the Nor' Wester' blows aground; 
    I search the strand, but she's nowhere to be found. 
    No boat, no trace of flotsam, washes back to me; 
    my heart's so foggy that my soul can't see.

    4. The wind whistles as it blows through the humped back firs. 
    No jib, no main, no, there ain't no sign of her. 
    Better t've drowned, then be here coast bound, such are the thoughts I sieve; 
    my bones remain on shore, my soul grieves out at sea.

    5. The good sea has brought us gifts and arts from far away; 
    the fruits of civilization, hey, the ocean feeds us everyday! 
    Plenty of fish for many a dish, for once pleasant us, 
    but you my dear are now the plate of Poseidon's stormy lusts!

    6. (instrumental 2 lines)
    Modern ships may mock the waves, but now as in ancient days, 
    Poseidon still giveth and he still taketh away!.

  • 04:24 Story Lyrics The Trees Once Grew High

    The Trees Once Grew High
    ©Roman Rhodes, 2002

    The trees they once grew high, I'm telling you. 
    Grew so high and full, sheltered us from the sky. 
    But now we've cut the old ones all down, 
    and on the ground they lie.
    Those trees once grew so high, I'm telling you.

    Now the squirrels could walk the trees, I'm telling you.
    From the Atlantic Coast to the Mississippi; 
    Never touched the ground, never made a sound, 
    Silent leafy highways, high above the ground. 
    The squirrels once walked the trees, I'm telling you.

    That air was so clean, I'm telling you.
    Air so clean it cleared your head, like a forest fire. 
    Woke your mind with the waking dreams, 
    Sparking like a live wire, 
    That air was once so clean I'm telling you.

    Chorus: Well it stoned you to your soul, 
    Never felt empty, always whole. 
    The Oneness with the all. 
    But we cut them down and that's what makes our fall.

    Their leaves they made the soil, I'm telling you. 
    Soil so thick and rich, all things planted grew. 
    But with no roots to hold it down.
    We're left with a barren ground.
    The leaves made the soil, I'm telling you.

    That soil cleaned the water I'm telling you.
    Filled it with minerals that made our blood so strong. 
    We're weakened now the water's no good, 
    Cause the soil and the trees are gone. 
    The trees cleaned the water I'm telling you.

    Repeat chorus 

    That water was so clear, I'm telling you. 
    From a fifty meter pier, you could see right through. 
    Healed your wounds and healed your soul, 
    Jump in it, drink it, it made you whole, 
    That water was so pure, I'm telling you.

    The salmon were so plenty, I'm telling you.
    Jab in your spear once, run a dozen through. 
    Like a flashing shimmering silver wall. 
    Jumping like lightening up a water fall, 
    The salmon were once so plenty I'm telling you.

    Repeat chorus

  • 04:19 Story Lyrics The Horizon

    The Horizon: Lyrics

    The light that's in her eyes, 
    Makes me smile and makes me cry. 
    For like a light upon the sea 
    It's a light that I can't reach.

    And the softness of her skin 
    Makes me grin, but does me in 
    Like sunrise's soft glow and such 
    It's a softness I can't touch.


    If you learn that longing lives on the horizon 
    That fire in your eyes will wizen, 
    Wings of wax will melt in the sky, son 
    But you will surely fall in someone else's horizon.

    But the farmer who ploughs in his field, 
    Won't even notice your tragic plunge 
    And as he gathers in his yield,
    You can scream with all of your lungs.

    And ships upon the sea 
    May think some large fish made that splash. 
    And as you sink into the deep. 
    They continue on their merchant's path.

    Chorus 2
    When I'm longing & lusting, my heart it keep busting. 
    From the crest to the trough, I'm tossing not trusting.
    The hull of this ship feels like its rusting.
    I know I should let go, but I must have you.

    Well the sweet scent of her breath 
    Is a worthwhile form of death. 
    The sound and voice so dear 
    Of the voice that you can't hear.

    But artists will paint and poets will speak, 
    Capture the horizon of which you seek. 
    And from the fall in which you die 
    the love of the lover will rise.

    Chorus 3
    But the longing & lusting are a boat's busting 
    From the prow to the stern this ship is rusting 
    From the crest to the trough this boat is tossing. 
    But I can't stop the wanting and the longing: oh I must have you.

  • 04:49 Story Lyrics E i E i Oh

    E I E I Oh! Lyrics
    © Roman Rhodes, 2006

    :E I E I oh, where did the animals go?: 
    Well when I was a kid, I went darting through the woods 
    There were rabbits in the logs and a hundred kind of frogs, 
    Salamanders in the mud and snakes wove through the grass 
    We chased bugs and butterflies as a thousand birds passed by. 
    Oh me, oh me, oh my, where did they fly?

    We could run down by the stream and catch minnows with our hands. 
    We could drink the water clean and watch the beavers build their dams. 
    And if we walked down to the lake, we could dig in the sand,
    And find clams to bake, in fires we would make on free land. 
    E I E I oh where do the waters now flow? 
    Oh me, oh me, oh my, where can I find such life?

    There were berries to be picked for which to make a pie.
    There were mushrooms to avoid, lest you touch and die. 
    This sense of life and death put magic in your heart, and a twinkle in your eye;
    Made you thankful for breath and for all things live!  
    E I E I oh, Where did the magic go? 
    Oh me oh me oh my, how could we let it die?

    No one seems to remember. No, no one does recall, 
    That the trees in the east, once were twice as tall. 
    And their girth was ten men round and took two days to make one fall. 
    But if you tell them that now, they say, no the cold here has always made them small. 
    :E I E I oh. Where did our memories go?:

    Well the forests are now gone. In their place, asphalt or lawn. 
    And the food that once was free, you now pay to drink and breathe.
    For the waters are now brown and  where they fall there's a foam. 
    They run deep underground, under pavements without sound. 
    E I E I oh, how did we let them go?

    No more learning as you should, darting through the wood. 
    No more sense of life, just death and a shortness of the breath.
    And the frogs are all long gone, just plastic turtles by the pond.
    And the ornaments on the lawn remind us of all that we once did know.
    E I E I oh, How could we let it go? 
    Oh me, oh me, oh my, how could we let it die?

  • 02:26 Story Lyrics A Man Once Called Me

    A Man Once Called Me: Lyrics.

    In Old Amsterdam by the Vondel Park 
    on a bicycle built for one, 
    She clung to my waist as I pedaled through the dark
    To the places where tourists don't come.

    We opened our hearts in bars of darkened oak 
    Sipped Genever and Tullamore Dew. 
    Our lips lingered on glasses; 
    hands missed all the passes 
    For I didn't want to lose you know who.

    Yeah I feared the flood the flotsam and jetsam, 
    And all that would be drowned. 
    So I held back my hand, and kept plugged the dam 
    In that anything goes old town.

    Just as little Boy Blue held back the sea, 
    I held back the love in me. 
    Her name was Michelle and she cast quite the spell, 
    On a man whose name once was Me.

    Well her hand hung down from soft warm bed 
    to the wood floor where I lay my head. 
    So close, so close, but never did touch, 
    Never seen air hold back so much.

    Though I held back my fingers, the longing still lingers 
    down by the Vondel park. 
    If you give love it grows, if you don't it just goes 
    And leaves you empty and dark.

    So you can stay true, but you'll only be blue.
    And still destroy what is whole. 
    With my hand on my chest, my thumb did it's best 
    To plug up the leak in my soul.

    Repeat bridge 2 and chorus.

  • 04:48 Story Lyrics Plastic Fire Hats

    Plastic Fire Hats 
    ©Roman Rhodes, 2006

    Plastic fire hats thrown on a dead lawn; 
    All our plates gotten at the Texaco; 
    Free coupons with the gas to go; 
    All our past I never came to know. 
    Culture was something that I'd have to grow 
    on my own, lost and all alone. 

    Parking lots as far as the eye can see; 
    People wondering why the youth should be 
    So full of violence, nothing else to do 
    Seems all life is already rotten through.

    People want own children when so many without 
    Half the world is flooded, the other half in drought. 
    With such imbalance, no wonder we're in doubt 
    And all they offer is a God who seems like such a lout.

    Chorus: Ah think about it! Think before you act!
               Two birds on the shoulder: One looks forth and one looks back.

    Red Fire Hats falling on a dead lawn: 
    All our life, we're searching for something to help us on, 
    Find our way, keep us clear and make us strong. 
    With no guidance, no wonder that we go wrong.

    Wondering why the Youth has gone to pot? 
    Wondering why moral's something we're not? 
    Wondering why the world is going to hell? 
    Obvious isn't it, but don't you dare tell:

    All our culture gotten from the Texaco! 
    All our government/wars, just to make the oil flow.
    All our past, something we never came to know. 
    All our future, something we fear won't show.

    All my youth I was always searching for 
    Some world-view to help me put it all in order. 
    Since I've learned so much that I think I'll bleed 
    sorrow from my pores, when you come to cut me 
    with your knives for your prying eyes to see, 
    That really I'm just like you. 
    Only that truth was something I both spoke and knew 
    While your values are upheld as a blockade to the truth.

    Plastic fire hats are all they have to save us: 
    Duck and cover from the splitting of the nucleus. 
    Band-aids for errors deep as fault lines, 
    Same mistakes as history's left behind.

    [Some earlier verses that got cut. 
    People who want children just can't seem to reproduce 
    Those who got 'em, never wanted, tell me what's the use? 
    No future anyhow and so much abuse, 
    Values are upheld as a blockade to the truth. 
    That we got something better inside. 
    That goes beyond the wrong and the right. 
    It comes like a rain in the night 
    And makes green the lawn that is white.

  • 04:40 Story Lyrics She Sells Seashells

    She Sells Seashells 
    © Roman Rhodes, 2007 
    (rewrite: original 2002)

    Intro: She sells seashells down by the seashore, 
    Dreams of a better wave, while she rides her surfboard. 
    Watching from the beach, she seemed out of reach, lord, 
    But I guess I got what I didn't even know I prayed for.
    Just a secret wish, deep in my heart 
    And I got more than I could part with, oh! 
    I'm lost in the sea of love without any ark oh, 
    Life's magic is sometimes light sometimes dark. 

    1. I was down for the festival of One Ocean 
    When circumstances set the waves in motion. 
    I took care of these kids lost in the commotion 
    'Til they pointed to their mother and I discovered devotion!

    Bridge 1 Like Venus on the half-shell, she rode her surfboard: 
    Golden gleaming, slightly leaning, the surf roared. 
    Came out of the water, dripping, thankful for my care. 
    And I knew I was drowned, then and there.

    The days, the night fused, beach fires and the muse. 
    Stages played, longing swayed, attractions grew. 
    Full moon, pine-scape. Fire dance, entranced. 
    Sand dunes, drums tunes. Can't insult chance!

    2. Her name is Kayla, She lives by the sea, 
    Wants someone to make her life easy. 
    But if you don't fulfill her dreams and needs. 
    You'll be left out on the sea of no feeling.

    She's got two kids as sweet as can be. 
    Could be with her just to make them happy. 
    But forget your own life if you take her for a wife, 
    You'll be a slave to all her joy and strife.

    Bridge 2: Now I know how Odysseus felt, 
    Stuck on somebody else's shelf. 
    An object of interest, like a seashell. 
    No say, no way Jose, to be your self.

    (Intro/chorus: Sing 1st two lines then instrumental then last two lines of chorus)

    3. She seemed so open and free of mind, 
    But she had hang ups all the time. 
    Hang ten toes curled behind, 
    the surfboard of her mind.

    She blamed me for already having ties! 
    But the rope was around her ankle, not mine. 
    I would have dropped all if she gave me time, 
    But the waves kept rolling in so she left me behind.

    She loved me then she hated me, 
    but never got to know me. 
    Hooked when she baited me, 
    then tossed me as far as she could throw me.
    I am wounded, I am bleeding, and I am ready for 
    the sharks 4 o'clock feeding and I am needing her now.

  • 06:08 Story Lyrics Saipan

    ©Roman Rhodes, 2002 
    rewrite w. new words and music,
    ©Roman Rhodes 2008

    I walk white sands among indigo seas, 
    Rainbow fish among coral reefs. 
    Flame trees flower in a gentle breeze. 
    Such beauty makes you sigh man, on Saipan.

    But ships off shore, numbering four, 
    loaded with tanks and guns to their core 
    Prepare once more for a world wide war.
    Oh, it makes me sigh man, Saipan.

    I talked to a man on shore leave, 
    Chief engineer of a ship and the things he said would make you grieve: 
    he wants to nuke the entire Middle East. 
    It really numbs the mind. I want to rage and cry, man. 
    See the beauty and wonder why 
    He doesn't understand or see, here on Saipan.

    And has he really forgotten so soon 
    The stories of the 2nd & 4th and their platoons;
    The 10,000s who died too soon;
    the tanks and lives in ruin , on the reefs in Saipan.

    Chorus/Bridge 1
    And how it rained people were falling, falling like rain 
    The women sat brushing their long black hair. 
    Gentle loving strokes, taking special care. 
    Then changed to their finest silks as if going somewhere. 
    Then joined hands and stepped from the cliff into the air. 
    Yeah people were falling, falling like rain.

    War, drives us insane. heightening of prejudices, The bleaching of the brain! 
    The youngest girl pushed by her brother. 
    The next child was pushed by another. 
    'Til the eldest pushed by his mother pushed by the father, 
    who jumped to join all the others.
    Falling, falling like rain.

    Fears of horrors, fears of pain. 
    Fear pushing us to do things of shame. 
    I thought it was a picnic, a happy family scene. 
    The kids gathered round, hugging the parents in between. 
    But father's fruit was metal, hand-sized, olive green 
    He pulled the pin and they were blown to smithereens! 
    They were falling, falling like rain (ad lib.)

    I read the memorials on the beaches & hills,
    the longings of ghosts & the national wills,
    The testaments of error and the numbers of killed, 
    The voices of all those forgotten and still hoping for peace on Saipan.

    Chorus/Bridge 2 Praying for peace and wondering why man 
    So many still don't understand,

    That we're all the children of the great God Pan. 
    That we're all part of one great family, 
    Born of nature, born of beauty.
    So stop killing in the name of race, religion and national duty. 
    Stop and understand: pan American, pan pacific, pan Asian, 
    pan African, pan European, pan human, all one Pan Gaia, Pan. All one. Pan.

  • 04:37 Story Lyrics Long Talk Off a Short Beer

    Long Talk Off a Short Beer 
    (c) Keith Adams, 1989

    Sweet Loneliness with the brilliant mind, 
    smile so shy, wide open eyes and I, 
    we were talking into the wee hours of the night. 
    Until the paper man came through the bar, 
    dispelled love's dew with the morning Star, and pages of fright, 
    printed full of false wrongs and rights.
        And we had almost touched upon 
        the matters that were closest to our hearts. 
        But the outside world reminded us
        that us two we were to keep apart. Apart from: 

    Chorus: Contact with you, 
               it's something I got to do. 
               You need contact with me, 
               that's something that I can see.

    It started with a long talk off of a short beer 
    and we were in deep waters, falling off the pier. 
    The pier of peers, the pier of fears of morals and of shame, 
    of married man and married dame, living on monogamy lane 
        with hearts so alone and spirits so lame, 
        lame from a lack of contact.
        What we need is contact,    
        need not involve sex, just might. 

    Might be words or eyes, 
    but we two must realize 
    that we, in this darkest age, 
    have broke the pier and skipped the page and made

    (Repeat Chorus)

    Bridge 3: But now we're swimming, 
    oh yes, we're swimming in waters over our heads 
    and one too many beers 
    and all our words of love crash upon the piers 
    and stumble across the page, 
    for we are but waders in this loneliness game.

    Sweet loneliness with brilliant mind, 
    smile so shy, wide open eyes and I, 
    we were talking 'to the wee hours of the night. 
    It started with a long talk off of a short beer 
    and we were in deep waters, falling off of the pier, 
         But now we're swimming, oh, yes we're swimming 
         in waters over our heads, and one too many beers, 
         and all our words of love crash upon the piers 
         of morals and fears and shame of married man and married dame 
         living on monogamy lane with hearts so alone and spirits so lame, 
         lame from a lack of

    (Last Chorus):
               Contact. What we need is contact. 
               Gimme contact. Gimme gimme, gimme contact! 
               What I need is contact, contact with you!

  • 05:16 Story Lyrics Ocean Sunset

    Ocean Sunset 
    © Keith Adams, 1989 
    rewrite 2007 new words and bridge

    Ocean Sunset, don't go down yet on me. 
    Golden Mauve of morning, 
    graces the far shore of this sea.
    Oh cragged cliff of reason, 
    the jumbled jagged twilight of my mind. 
    The rambling wave roved me out here to find 
    that my heart sunk ten thousand miles behind.

    Chorus 1: No breeze through the fir trees, alone, lost & hollow; 
                 and the mist on the sea grounds both gull and swallow; 
                 and the waves swells and the sea shells, 
                 and on the porch the Chinese bells all remind me of your beauty.

    Driftwood, I witness the wounded sun surrender, 
    bleeding into the violet sea. 
    Seaweed, I accord its crimson cry 
    rolling in with the tide over me. 
    Waves crash unto my shore, 
    unto the jumbled rocks of reason in my mind. 
    Lessons too long ignored, mind's eye. 
    Sand castles crumble and nothing's left behind.                 Instrumental


    What did I call you for, cracks in the ocean floor? 
    Bared mine and earth's own core. Is this fate' s own forge? 
    Love is it's own scourge, but sun sinks to rise once more.

    Chorus 2: 
    A breeze through the fir trees, a gentle banshee, 
    clears the mist from the sea and reveals things unseen. 
    and the waves swells and the sea shells, 
    and on the porch the Chinese bells all remind me of your beauty.

    End: Ocean Sunset, don't go down yet on me.

  • 05:26 Story Lyrics Grandma's Telecaster (The Good Old Days)

    Grandma's Telecaster (The Good Old Days) 
    © Roman Rhodes, 2005

    When grandma died, she left me something on deposit. 
    Her will said I would find it in the back of her closet 
    And if I could master it, it would be mine. 
    'Twas a ruby red telecaster from 1969! 
    I didn't even know that Granny played! 
    But mom said, "son, your grandma really rocked on purple haze. 
    Back in the good ol' days."

    My grandma's hair was grey and tied up in a bun. 
    When she let it down it reached her George Washington. 
    She often crossed the Potomac, just for fun. 
    In electric lady land, she was number one! 
    Her guitar strap's red leather with rhinestones all the way 
    Up the front and down the 
    Back to her good old days!

    When grandma died I found stashed in her tickle trunk 
    A lotus legged, meditating, wise old Buddhist monk! 
    And despite being folded up and locked away he wasn't in a funk 
    He said the things we think we need are just a bunch of junk, 
    But for a man my age, I got a lot of spunk. 
    I said I didn't even know that grandma prayed! 
    He said, "Son, you grandma was enlightened 
    Back in the good ol' days."

    When I was young  the world seemed headed in the right direction.
    But then some greedy fools done gone stole the election. 
    And now the small mindedness that once held sway, 
    Long before, in a time before the good old days, 
    Have armed the church steeples with nuclear bombs. 
    And promise they'll blow us back to Kingdom Come, 
    Unless we pay whatever price for oil that they say. 
    But I know my grandma would have stood up and fought 
    Back in the good old days!

    Well now the telecaster's mine and I carry it like a gun. 
    I can play Along the Watchtower in my sleep with my teeth for fun. 
    And I've raised myself an army of the New Rising Sun. 
    And we're going to march on D.C and challenge the illegitimate ones. 
    We've got 10,000 telecasters and man we're gonna groove, 
    For peace, for nature, for equality, we got something to prove. 
    With a wall of guitars, we're gonna blow those bastards away! 
    And bring back the good ol' days!

  • 05:27 Story Lyrics Kirk's Caledonia (Moon on the Ocean)

    Kirk's Caledonia(Moon on the Ocean)
    © Roman Rhodes, 2007 In Memory of Kirk MacGeachy
    Rewrite of Moon on the Ocean by Kirk MacGeachy with Keith Adams, ©1996 
    New Words & Music, © Roman Rhodes ,2007 

    There's a moon on the ocean, shining down on me. 
    There's thousand Islands in a single mystery. 
    I've been looking for fortune in far off distant lands, 
    but I'm lost as ever, I gotta get back to my Celtic strand :gotta get back.:

    The promises of cities the poverties of home, 
    We try our luck with destiny, try to make it on our own. 
    And it's just as John says, life happens as we make our plans, 
    I've been seeking for a living, lonely for my homeland.

        Oh my heart is calling me, calling me back home. 
        I hear the big sea rolling everywhere I roam.

    Now all the world's a flat place, and every where's the same: 
    pirates loot and burn countries with a globalizing flame. 
    And it's just as Saul says, "society keeps us from ourselves," 
    I've been on distant continents, got to get back to the Celtic shelf.

    And in the evening when the sun is sinking low. 
    And all the birds fly in from sea. 
    It's then I know that I should spread my sails and go 
    back to you who waits for me.   Are you waiting, waiting there for me?

    Bridge part 2 
    Oh silver loon, you died to soon,
    Your laughter lingers with the light of the moon. 
    Now I know the fear of a handful of dust B
    ut I've seen all of life in the seed of lust. 
    You touched us all with your warmth and love, 
    And your voice shines on like the moon above.

    There's a moon on the ocean, I know you'll see it too, 
    feel the tides in motion, pulling me back to you. 
    Now I'm searching the heavens for that Northern star, 
    to shine over my fortune, to lead me back from afar.

    Repeat chorus 2x

  • 06:21 Story Lyrics Eclipse of the Earth

    Eclipse of the Earth 
    © Roman Rhodes, 2003

    Between the sun and the earth 
    Spun a silent silver moon 
    The shadow cast upon our hearth 
    Once thought us of our ruin
      On this fragile orbit through space 
      The differences of culture, creed and race 
      Are so small as to not leave a trace; 
      We're here to learn to cooperate.

    Between the sun and universe 
    Walks this little blue-green earth, 
    Are we under some stupid curse 
    That we cannot see its fragile worth? 
      This tiny bios-sphere in space, 
      Chances are it can't be replaced. 
      In this spinning cosmic soup of rocks,
      We never know when's the next shock.

    It's easy that by some off chance 
    This may be your last romance. 
    Who knows when your life may end, 
    Make every enemy your friend. 
       But darkened minds and darkened hearts 
       Rule this fragile earth of ours, 
       Leading us to endless stupid wars 
       All alone amongst the stars.

    How can we teach them, 
    These small-minded men of mars? 
    How can we reach them, 
    Through their thick minds and empty hearts? 
    How can we stop them, 
    Before they tear this world apart?

    Tween golden Venus and red Mars 
    Walks this blue green earth of ours. 
    Why are we fighting these stupid wars 
    All alone amongst the stars? 
    All alone amongst the stars. 
    All alone amongst the stars.

  • 04:38 Story Lyrics Umi/The Sea

    UMI/The Sea 
    Traditional Japanese Song with 

    1. Umi wa hiroi na oki na. 
    Tsuki wa noboru shi hiwa shi zumu

    2. Shiroi o fune ni yurerarete 
    ittemitaina yosono kuni. *

    4. Little white boat on the bay rocked by the waves, 
    I long to be in a country far away. 

    5. I have come from a country far away, 
    to this island in the sea and I long to stay.

    6. For I've met a girl with a smile so wide and a love so deep, 
    and I see the sunshine in her eyes and the moon in her cheek.

    7. Kitayo toi kuni kara. 
    Zutto itaina kono shimani

    8. deatta egao no sutekina ko 
    kagaya ku hitomini kikaru tsuki.>>

    9. Umi wa oonami aoinami, 
    yurete dokomade tsuzuku yara. 

Please Feed the Pagans

Roman Rhodes is the stage name of the persistently prolific Singer Songwriter of the Born Again Pagans. With over 200 songs to his name and the ability to write in almost any style, he is a veritable goldmine for any publisher, agent, or company with the intelligence to cultivate but not strip mine… were these The Good Old Days! Humorous and intelligent, he is one of the few on the planet fully understanding and able to expound on the Pagan worldview, in other words he’s Nobody. But then so was Odysseus. Here are some excerpts from an interview with Rhodes by the B.B.C.
(Please note: that is the entirely unknown Barely Broadcasting Couch BBC and not the world famous British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC.)

BBC: Why do you use the name Roman Rhodes?
RR: Well my mother was a piano teacher, and her father a pianist, so as the music seemed to come from that side of the family, I thought I’d honor it by using her maiden name.
BBC: And you were a teacher of Roman History at University in Montreal, so the Roman comes from that, I suppose?
RR: That’s right. The play on words: Roman/Roaming, seemed appropriate in theme to my troubadour, country-Celtic-folk-roots style of music, and the highly straight (read mainly acoustic in this case) high quality roads of the Romans, added to the name choice.
BBC: So you feel your music will last as long as the Roman roads?
RR: I like the way your eyebrows arch as you say that, you could work for the real BBC.
BBC: (Laughs.)
RR: It was not my intention to arrogantly suggest my work will last long, hell its not even lasting short yet! But it is my aim to make well-crafted music. I didn’t say I achieved it, but I do aim for it.
BBC: Well I think you have achieved it with this album. There is no song that is a let down from first to last; lyrical, rich and lovely.
RR: Thanks. And that was a much nicer eyebrow arching this time.
BBC: Thanks. What do you think of the couch?
RR: Its inflatable isn’t it? One of our ex-Pagan bass players would love it.
BBC: What band is he in now?
RR: His own: Dutch Wife.

BBC: How do you describe your music?
RR: Oh these classifications are impossible to fit into. Yes its folk, but it also has jazz, blues, classical, medieval, Celtic, Cuban, 60s rock and now even traditional Japanese influences.
BBC: Who would you say are your biggest influences?
RR: I was advised not to go there, but to insist on my uniqueness.
BBC: Advised by who?
RR: By you before the interview.
BBC: Oh right. … Well ignore that.
RR: Ha....briefly: I grew up with classical and 60s folk& rock. But later got into early Jazz and especially world, especially Irish, Latin American and some west Mali Bands.

Who are the Pagans?
The pagans are a loose group of tight musicians (some drink a bit too) who have played in the bars, halls, hotels, and festivals around Japan for the last 10 years. They all have other bands, day-jobs, and multiple talents, as well as songs for a half a dozen albums. So support them by buying their CDs so they can bring you more! Feed the pagans!

How about some names?
Of course, Long term pagans are:

Tim Wiltshire
Origin: West Virginia/ 12 years with Pagans / Own band: Guano
Plays on album: Electric Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Fiddle, Slide etc.
Style influences: 60s rock/ blues/ country/ soul / Celtic

Moray Crawford
Origin: Scotland/ 10 years with Pagans / Own band: My-T-Hi
Plays on album: Drums/ percussion
Style influences: Punk, Rock, Celtic

Atsushi Akazawa
Origin: Kyoto/ 10 years with Pagans / Various bands.
Plays on album: Violin /Sanshien.
Style influences: Celtic and Nordic fiddle, Okinawan traditional

On CD & for occasional lives

Masahiko: teacher
Origin: Kyoto, Japan/ 4 years occasional shows w. Pagans/ Own band
Instrument: Bass/ Style influences: Jazz & J-pop

Christopher Fryman-Documentary filmmaker
Origin: Japan via England-Canada-Borneo/ Plays occasionally with Pagans / Own band: various/ Plays on album: trumpet.
Style influences: Gypsy/ avant guard

Paul Fleisher: Jazz Musician
Origin: New York City/ This CD and Ripe/ Own band: Paul Fleischer Quartet
Plays on album: Flute/ Piccolo/ Bass Clarinet
Style influences: Jazz/ 60s rock(played back-up with Doobie Brothers)

John Hulaton: Composer
Origin: Hawaii/ This CD/ Various bands.
Plays on album: Flugel Horn/ Trumpet.
Style influences: Jazz, Hawaiian, Pop & Classical

What’s a Pagan?
The word Pagan comes from the Latin pagani. It simply means people of the countryside, referring to the fact that in the West, Christianity first took hold in the cities and the people of the countryside (the farmers, herders and fishers) continued to believe in the old ways and gods. Actually, however, all our civilization--our laws, politics, literature, science, math, architecture, art, history, philosophy, and even religion—has its roots in Paganism, Greek, Roman, Celtic, Germanic and well world.

Born Again Pagan?
BBC “Do most people laugh when you call yourself a Born Again Pagan?”
RR: “Yup.”
BBC: “Does that bother you?”
RR: “No, that’s the idea. Laughter is a key part of Paganism. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed it chased away evil. It’s people who take their religion too seriously who do the most harm in the world. As that old Pagan, Lao Tsu said: ‘If they don’t laugh, then it isn’t the true way.’ ” (Tao Te Ching 41)
BBC: “So its just a joke?”
RR: “I didn’t say that, I said its funny. But then so is life…if you take the right perspective. Anyway, Nothing in life is just! See: not even the word just mean just just. There is also the point that the Renaissance (or rebirth) was the rediscovery and reawakening of Greek and Roman knowledge in Western culture. So in fact, all modern western civilization is a Born Again Pagan civilization.”…. After all, it is Pagans who believe in reincarnation, so they should have the right to use the term born again.
(Barely Broadcasting Couch interview 1/4/2009) The full interview will be posted at under blog.


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