The Sweet Waters

Musicians: Frank Daulton: Bass; Takashi Koba: Erhu; Larry Ransome: Dunbek, Jembe & Shakers; Roman Rhodes: Acoustic Guitar & Vocals; Chika Togashi: Backing Vocals; Tim Wiltshire: Electric Guitars.
Released 2017
Words & Music © Roman Rhodes, 2012, Multifolkal Inc. SOCAN,


This songs started with he opening riff and grew from there.  It was supposed to be the title song, and start the album, but it is a little long, and wordy and soft.  But  perfect ending song. Helps you drift away on pleasant thoughts and encourage that water of love in us all, because in the end it is up to us to make things better. 


The Sweet Waters

© Roman Rhodes, 2012


There’s this place I’d like to take you, all your parents, sons & daughters.

It’s a magic place that will heal you, the source of the sweet waters.            


When I think of all the shivering, sorrowful and suffering,

The homeless, the hungry, the beggars and the squatters,

My heart grows heavy and I wish to offer

The nourishment and shelter of these sweet waters.


  The sick, the pain wracked and dying; the lost and crazy, twisted plotters,

  If I could, you know I would heal you with these sweet waters.

  And especially for all the torn, the terrorized and tortured

  Facing each day rape, pillage and slaughter;

  The beaten and the bullied, sullen, sullied and scarred,

  I wish I could save you all with the sweet waters.



Surely in this day and age we can make

A civilization that gives more than it takes

Where every one can swim in and drink from the lake

And heal in these sweet waters.

Bethe in these sweet waters 2x


Each time you share, and give to the needy,

You expand your heart and give your spirit quarters.

Then you won’t need so much wealth, servants nor porters,

For in your soul you’ll carry your own sweet waters.


  Listen you greedy, super rich, you psychotic rotters,

  The more you hoard the less you drink of the magic sweet, waters.

  But how can I show you if you ignore ‘em, even while this world totters?

  It’s all around you, yet you don’t reach for ‘em, the sweet waters.


Chorus 2

We got the knowledge now to make it all work!

So why do we let this world be run by all the jerks!

No need for poverty, hunger or thirst!

When all can drink of these sweet waters.



Yes If I could you know I would heal you all in these sweet waters.

In truth I can, and so can …you don’t have to be a martyr!

Each time you share and care             you give of the sweet waters!

And you know you gotta, for

You and me, we are the source of the sweet waters.



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