Orealis is Montreal's (Canada's--the entire East coast's) premier celtic band. Founder & Singer Songwriter, Kirk MaGeachy, has a voice of golden ether and a very rich rhythmic Irish guitar style. Along with the Gossage brothers, Orealis' music touches the nether regions of the soul. Rhodes collaborated on the lyrics with Kirk on his song Moon on the Ocean, on Kirk's latest CD of the same name. Check out their site and beautiful, haunting music.
SADLY The warm and incrdible Kirk MacGeachy died suddenly this summer of a heart attack. He is dearly missed. Check out my dedication to him in the news section. And the hour montreal tribute to him at link above.
Pagans Drummer Moray Crawford's own band--he sings and plays guitar and writes the songs. Great raw melodic punk, sounds like early 60s , Yardbirds mixed it up with the clash. Captures the magic energy of both those eras! Check it out.
World Ethnic Music Fusion. Founder lead man Eric, from Toronto plays a multitude of instruments from around the world. And plays them well. He also manages to unite a variety of musicians & musical styles into a smooth and trance inducing blend of world music. His wife, who alo plays and signgs in the band, has a voice that Elves would die for.
Original Independent Japanese Pop. Singer Songwriter, Keyboardist Kyoko Fukuzawa and her band/ (Will need Japanese Langauge settings for most sections.)


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